Nature of Britain

Hi, welcome to another new branch of my site! Here I'm going to include information about new species I learn about through my volunteering and conservation course. I'll honestly be using this myself as reference for the course, but I thought it'd be great fun to do it where others can see it too! EXTREMELY HEAVY WIP!!! My changelog will share if pages here are complete!

I also have an archive of blog posts which contain a lot of theory and information about nature in the blog section of my site. I may bring these over to this area as articles eventually.

Flora (All WIPs)

Planned pages:

  • Invasive species
  • Ancient woodlands
  • Evolutionary anachronism
  • Deadwood and Oak Powers

Fauna (All WIPs)

Planned pages:

  • Ecosystem engineers
  • Butterflies!
  • Our reptiles and amphibians
  • A land without predators