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Welcome to my interests page. Here I'd like to share my favourite shows, musicians, games, and other things! I hope you like it!
Assume if a single part of a series is here that I like all related works, especially for my music section!


David the Gnome Sam and Max Animaniacs Pinky and the Brain Looney Tunes SpongeBob SquarePants Star Trek Big and Small Ducktales BBC Ghosts Yonderland Horrible Histories Naruto One Piece


Fantastic Mr. Fox The Blues Brothers Bambi The Public Enemy Rear Window Vertigo It's A Wonderful Life The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Kung Fu Panda The Iron Giant Wall-E


Ween The Go! Team Sparks Jonathan Coulton Mr Bungle They Might Be Giants Gorillaz Blur R.E.M. Stuck In The Sound Junior Senior The Avalanches Worthikids PilotRedSun Bibio The Divine Comedy The Libertines Why? Cafe Tacvba Goblin Cock Cosmo Sheldrake Supergrass Kaiser Chiefs The Lightning Seeds Prefab Sprout Echo and the Bunnymen Kate Bush Anamanaguchi The Jetzons Ben Folds Five Tally Hall Kasabian Charlote Hatherley Basement Jaxx Reggie Watts

Other (Games and Books)

World of Warcraft LittleBigPlanet Parappa the Rapper Super Mario Sunshine Sonic the Hedgehog Valheim Divinity Original Sin Undertale Deltarune Sam and Max Splatoon
Discworld Moomins