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As my main page says, my name is Blue! I don't really want to say too much about myself, but I'd like to list some of my interests on this page for fun. I might move the "about" section from my index to this page at some point!

I'm the type of person that really likes to collect information on things I'm really interested in. This site is (or will be overtime) a catalogue of my knowledge or experiences with two of my favourite things in the whole world: nature and gnomes. I'm also interested in analysis of this content, although this is to a lesser extent.

Why a site for gnomes?

Gnomes and nature are two of my special interests, and I find them really fascinating. I've always been very intrigued by a form of fantasy that can be woven into everyday life -- not beliefs that are there to change your worldview, or guide your behaviour, but simply those things you can imagine up that enrich the mundane. I feel like gnomes, and other small fantastical creatures such as fairies, dryads, dwarves, all sorts, are a really fun example of this. Particularly with things like fae, it's very possible to imagine they really exist -- and they're just out of sight.

I like this particularly over other similar things, like ghosts, because it's not maligned. Thinking of this kind of thing doesn't make you afraid, or wary, or worried about anything. It's just purely fascinating, and really fun to think about.

Gnomes are one of those fantasy creatures that I think people like to make the butt of a lot of jokes, or find to be pretty disgusting, cheesy, or boring. I don't think this is the case at all -- I find them very charming. Of course, I'm not the only one. I love garden gnomes, and I get really excited when I find out others own them! But broadly, particularly online and in spaces I've been in (such as the World of Warcraft community) gnomes were always put down, haha. I think it's nice to dedicate a site to them in earnest. David the Gnome was a really huge inspiration to me in thinking through a fleshed-out world where gnomes (and other fantasy creatures) could exist alongside life on Earth.

On top of all of that, I also think they send a great message as someone interested in wildlife conservation. They're usually very associated with nature and protecting it (unless you look at a weird amount of MMORPGs where the gnome-like race is super intellectual and build their cultures around technology, which don't get me wrong I also love a lot!) which is exactly what I like to do. Gnomes feel like an expression of myself and my values; that is to have fun and respect your world. After all there's only one!

(I made the little icon of myself here! Art credit to my sweet beef!)

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Little Things

  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Favourite colours: Warm blues, natural greens, golden yellow and orange, brown
  • Season: Late Spring
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Class: Druid or Ranger/Hunter
  • Foods: Stir fry, churros, ramen, chocolate, burgers, lasagné with lots of cream/cheeds, mushrooms in oyster sauce yum!
  • Animals Dogs, penguins, monkeys, elephants, octopi

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I Am A: Neutral Good Halfling Wizard (1st Level)

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Halflings are clever, capable and resourceful survivors. They are notoriously curious and show a daring that many larger people can't match. They can be lured by wealth but tend to spend rather than hoard. They prefer practical clothing and would rather wear a comfortable shirt than jewelry. Halflings stand about 3 feet tall and commonly live to see 150.

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My Gnome Journey

Ever since I was a child I've been interested in fae-like creatures. Particularly, as a kid, I was very into fairies. I wrote stories about them, had teddies of them, and liked to imagine I had fairy wings quite often because I always wanted to fly. I consider this interest in small fantasy a really definitive part of my childhood that slowly slipped away from me as I went through school. One thing that remained consistent throughout my childhood and up 'til even now is my love for World of Warcraft, which I think is where I got my fix for this interest for most of the time. I was also interested in nature and animals, which amassed in my Year 5 self claiming I wanted to be a vet when I was older. I definitely have no interest in that now, but I think it came from a place of loving nature and wanting to help it. I was also really into horses, which is something I've rekindled in a funny silly way now.

Secondary school and sixth form came around, and I started to lean into very academic topics -- namely history, sociology, and psychology. I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living, or what I was most interested in, and my grades across the board were extremely good so I just listened to my teachers when they told me what to do in Sixth Form. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy these subjects and find them very interesting, and I am great at theory -- but it was too much theory. I felt that very little of what I was learning applied to the world around me. I had a very lonely and sad two years of sixth form, and didn't get the grades I was hoping for because of it. For a while I felt very lost, and like I was missing a fundamental part of myself. I didn't know how to dress, how to act, or what at all I wanted to do with my life.

One really good thing came of this time though, and that was my budding interest in gnomes. Honestly, it started with me rewatching SpongeBob of all things. It got me out of a huge depressive slump I had found myself in, and had me thinking about what makes me happy. When I'd play World of Warcraft, instead of playing elves, I started playing gnomes around this time. That really kicked me into gear on my Gnome Life.

During lonely lunch breaks I'd spend time in the park enjoying nature. I began to think about how much I like nature, and am excited by it, but I still felt very stuck in my current academic pursuits. During this time is when I started getting really into the lore of Warcraft's gnomes because they made me laugh. I still think they're the best playable race with the most underrated and underutilised lore.

When I finished Sixth Form, I took a two year break from studying. My mam started working on the garden. For a very long time, it had been simply a hill covered in nettles, super long grasses, and brambles. It was renovated into a beautiful three-tier garden full of flowers. She began collecting fairies and fairy houses to put in it. This is where my interest in gnomes really blossomed and I began to collect -- my first two gnomes, McGill (and soon after McKay, as McGill seemed lonely) were brought home and the first to inhabit the garden. I immediately began to empathise with these statues in a way that brought me back to my childhood, empathising with my plush animals. When McGill's leg broke during a windy night, I cried a bit, and I spent a lot of time picking up every piece I could, and I glued him back together. It took a long time to get the pieces in place, and some were lost for good -- but he could stand, and he's still here now with his brother. My mam's collecting began to expand into buying gnomes for me.

So I developed this really strong connection between gnomes and nature and mental wellbeing. I leaned more into that, and felt like I started to find myself in it. I met my wonderful boyfriend and when it came around time that staying at home was making me sad, I was prepared to make myself happy with his encouragement. That's when I signed up for my wildlife conservation course. I began watching David the Gnome with him too, and the first episode made me cry a lot. I knew there was a relationship between gnomes and nature, of course there was, but the first episode of the show really put it into context for me. David the Gnome was talking about exactly the things I cared about the most, and it felt like I was being reached out to. I became very passionate about gnomes and nature.

It's probably a bit silly to say but I think I am emotionally a gnome or something. I've never felt a connection like this to anything else in my life, and I doubt I will. Now I feel better than ever, I'm Unbothered, Moisturized, Happy, In My Lane, Focused, Flourishing. I owe it to gnomes. And so I dedicate this site to gnomes and love for gnomes, and nature and love for nature. Thanks for reading this if you did! Now here is my favourite work by Rien Poortvliet, still. I know it was a placeholder but I don't want to remove it from the page.