My name is Blue! This is a site dedicated to my love for gnomes, and my own gnome lore. I am also a huge fan of nature, and will be sharing my photos and new knowledge here on this site.

Here's a little bit about me. I am a person living in the UK, who is taking a course in Land and Wildlife Management, or basically wildlife conservation. I do volunteering, and in my free time I like to draw, watch video essays, play with my dog, play RPGs, read a book, and enjoy Gnomes!

PLEASE NOTE: My website is a sandbox, and all work I do is directly into it. What I've done, and where it is, is subject to change heavily! So please check back!

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Delve into the lore of gnomes as originally written by Wil Huygen. Heavy WIP! (I still need the books!)

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Herb Robert, or Roberts Geranium, is a low-growing plant that much prefers shaded habitats, such as woodland. Its leaves are known to emit an unpleasant, mousy scent. this is a photo of a Herb-robert growing among mosses, atop the wall of a stone bridge, in my local dene! It is common throughout the UK as an indicator species of ancient woodlands, and can be seen from May to September.


Peacock Butterfly

Commonly found all throughout lowland England and Wales, the peacock butterfly has two bright eye-shaped markings on its wings that it uses to scare off predators. This is a photo of a peacock butterfly found on a lowland acidic heathland, apparently sunning itself on a wild raspberry plant. Adult peacocks can be found in any sunny weather -- even in winter, potentially!


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